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Dean’s Welcome Message

The process of individual contracts, a group that somehow was linked to the sources of power in the tribe, the area of ​​human life, provided social contracts and gradually created the rules. What and why human values ​​gradually provided a platform for the defense of human existence, until the elements of the power and wisdom of society introduced legal systems as the outcome of the process of the development of human societies in the field of civil, criminal, and international relations.

This path has continued so that the status of law in the world and countries, nations and politicians is considered as one of the most important components of development, and hesitation is considered as the most prominent component of the development of human society. The development of the foundations and resources of legal disciplines in scientific, judicial and social systems, in particular universities, on the one hand, and the reduction of the authenticity of beliefs and beliefs in favor of the humanity and human nature of human beings have led experts to focus on the authenticity of the field of law more than in the past, and towards Developing the foundations of legal disciplines in the context of distributed justice, emphasizing on restorative justice, and instead of detecting crimes in the behavior of all human societies, they will address the attitudes of prevention and restoration in the legal and social spheres with a view to defaming and preventing crime.

The School of Law and Legal Studies provides following majors:

  • Legal Studies
  • international law

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