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School of Accounting and Finance

At Northwestern International University, we believe that accounting and financial management training is becoming more and more vital not only for investment purposes, but also to improve the management and economic situation of various companies and organizations. Accounting has been one of the most popular disciplines in the past few years and examines the economics and finances of organizations and companies. In the field of accounting, accountants prepare financial reports, collect and group economic and financial information.

The field of management accounting has been introduced due to increasing the ability of financial managers in making decisions and formulating economic strategies of companies. People who study management accounting can work as CEOs, board members or as management and economics consultants alongside senior executives. On the other hand, accounting students can continue their studies in the doctoral program by choosing one of the majors listed below.

Industrial Accounting

Industrial accounting was formed with the developments of various industries, especially the industrial revolution. Awareness of the cost of products produced is a vital need to choose the selling price and optimal performance of companies.

Therefore, industrial accounting, with the evolution of production tools and methods, moves towards developed costing so that the costs and cost of ready-to-sell goods are selected clearly and with full transparency.

Financial Accounting

Financial accounting is the same as reporting accounting. Because the main purpose of financial accounting is to prepare financial statements to meet the needs of users. Financial accounting, according to the principles of accounting, tries to meet the different needs of internal and external users of accounting information; With such reports and data, these people will be able to make decisions about investments, concluding various contracts, offering loans, and so on.

Government Accounting

Governments in recent years, due to the scope of their spending processes, have needed consultants and individuals who have the ability to separate and manage costs at the macroeconomic level. Accordingly, the training of public accountants can lead to the correct budgeting for various matters and the implementation of this budget accurately and practically. The government accounting trend seeks to create a platform for accounting consultants and specialists in the government spending range.

Management Accounting

Accounting is not the only science of managing companies’ costs before the production process begins. Instead, accounting can provide valuable advice to top executives on the cost process of products and services, production volume, implementation costs, various production scales, selling prices of products and services, and the capacity of various resources (such as machinery). Give. In simpler terms, what is offered by management accounting is a mandatory prerequisite on which company managers make major decisions.

Human Resources Accounting

Human resources in companies and enterprises are considered as their most important assets. Along the way, managing the various finances related to these resources is one of the performance ranges of human resource accounting.

Application of Accounting and its Labor Market Situation

The job opportunities of an accountant are very wide and range from the lowest level to the highest level. Graduates of accounting can be employed and work in the following jobs: accountant, auditor, financial manager, tax expert, bank employee, bank president, software support expert, financial analyst (stock expert and Investment)

Career Future in Accounting

Graduates employed in large corporations will be able to work in specialized resource management or information systems departments and in the jobs of thermal analysis or internal auditor, or be responsible for part of the financial planning and control work; Other responsibilities that graduates of this course can take on in large institutions are budgeting, analysis, planning, and foresight. Graduates of this course, after gaining sufficient experience, can work in various levels of financial management and auditing and provide effective assistance to the management of the institute.

Students who are interested in learning accounting and finance skills at Northwest International University can do so in two ways:

A – By participating in short-term training courses that lead to obtaining specialized certificates in the field of accounting and financial sciences. To participate in this course, you must contact the university campuses in different countries directly

 B – To obtain a university degree, you must also register through the PLAR system. After the necessary examinations of your conditions by the faculty of evaluation and accreditation and student admission, your success processes will be guaranteed until obtaining the highest degrees in cooperation with Northwest University in the United States.

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